16. – 18.6.2023

CACIT POLAND 2023 has ended. Meeting in one place such a number of players and supporters of our sport is the biggest IGP event in Poland so far! Not only a logistical and organizational challenge, but also a mental one. We saw a fight at the highest, world level, the harmony of cooperation between pairs of competitors, but also determination, commitment, willingness to overcome one's own weaknesses in pursuit of the best results. The CACIT POLAND 2023 competition was also another meeting of friends, an opportunity to share knowledge, joy and sometimes sadness.. For us - the organizers - it is also a valuable lesson and an opportunity to improve our activities in the future.

We congratulate the winners and wish the losers better results in the future! We would like to thank the sponsors thanks to whom the competition was organized, all friends and volunteers for their commitment and work! We hope to see you again next year! Now it's time for CACIT DOBRIS CZ! There, the results of the GOLDEN LEAGUE CACIT 2023 will be decided and we are sure that it will be a beautiful celebration of IGP sports as usual!


Mathias Dögel & working-dog Esh - 98/93/91 - 282 pts, Winner of CACIT POLAND 2023, the best tracking of the competition

Renata Tvrdoňová & Alf Adonis Fantasaurus - 96/84/95 - 275 pts, 2nd place, the best defence

Knut Fuchs & Activ Jerte Maicono livre - 86/95/94 - 275 pts, 3rd place, the best obedience


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