28. - 30.7.2023

CACIT Dobris CZ 2023 is over. This year for the first time was our CACIT Golden League Finals and thus completed this new series of competitions. We are very honored that more than 70 great competitors from 13 countries came to compete. Thank you all! You have fulfilled us the dream with which we started our competition 18 years ago: To organize the great competition where the best handlers from the Czech Republic will meet and compete with top competitors from other countries. To make the competition that will be the place for all lovers of this beautiful sport, the place for competing without exaggerated ambitions and at the same time for friendly meetings of cynologists from all over the world.

We very much appreciate the work of the excellent judges and helpers who have contributed to the level of this event. Thanks to the team on the tracking and to our great organizing team who worked with enthusiasm and put their hearts into their work. The big thank you to our patrons, without whose support we could not have organised such the great competition.

The big round of applause goes to the winners who gave an outstanding performance! Congratulations and admiration go to all those competitors who entered the „arena“. The most beautiful thing for us was to see that everyone left satisfied, regardless of the result. They realized that the most important thing is not to win, but to enjoy the moment and have fun with the sport we all love.

CACIT Dobris CZ 2023 and CACIT Golden League 2023 is over. CACIT Golden League 2024 is coming and will surely bring again wonderful competitions, excellent experiences and great emotions. We look forward to to all that it will bring!

Stadium MFK Dobříš

Town Dobříš

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